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What Are the Top Fireplace Manufacturers and Why Do You Need to Know?

There are a lot of reasons why you might want to know the answer to the question, ”what are the top fireplace manufacturers on the market.” You might be interested in buying a new fireplace or replacing your old one. You might also just want to know what’s out there, how much money a brand new, top of the line fireplace costs, and whether or not you should get one.

Contractors and manufacturers can help you figure out what you really need. However, it’s also good to have some basic knowledge about fireplaces, so that you don’t have to waste too much time.

What to Know about Getting a New Fireplace

Did you know that a lot of cities have banned the use of wood burning fireplaces? This is common practice today, as more and more local governments are making an effort to adopt a more sustainable and eco-friendly approach to structuring and educating their communities. So that means when getting a new fireplace, living in the city means you’re likely to be stuck with either a gas or electric alternative.

Now, even though there are only two basic types of fireplaces in terms of the energy used to power them, there are many other types to consider when it comes to aesthetics and various other aspects. The mantel designs alone can vary greatly from home to home, and while some fireplaces look more natural, featuring an open flame, others hide a screen that simply projects a natural, realistic fireplace image, while the heating element is placed behind the screen.

gas fireplace in denver

When visiting gas fireplace Denver showrooms, you can get acquainted with a lot of different fireplace designs. Some of these are even made to mimic realistic wood burning outdoor fireplace constructions, but they are still hi-tech versions of electric and gas-powered fireplaces. Decorative fire pits, fire bowls and fire tables are also part of the industry, and can become an important part of your landscaping or interior décor.

A Short Overview of the Top Fireplace Manufacturers

So what are the top fireplace manufacturers anyway? According to experts, there are actually more fireplace designers and manufacturers than you might imagine. Here are a few of the best fireplace manufacturers you might want to check out:

  • One of the best manufacturers of contemporary fireplaces is called European Home, and their products are never dull, the designs featuring cutting edge elements and versions of the popular suspended fireplaces used in France.
  • If you’re looking for beautiful mantels and stonework, then Chestney’s is the right place for you. They are the leaders in architectural stonework and hand-carved stone fireplace mantel designs.
  • For the most eco-friendly fireplaces, you can opt for Planika Fires – the world’s leading provider of high end, smokeless bio-etanol fireplaces.
  • Perfection Supply has been around for nearly 40 years, and the manufacturer has grown to an elevated status in all areas of construction supply manufacturing. They are known for durable fireplaces, exceptional service and affordable costs.

You can’t really go wrong with either one of these services. If you want to enjoy the best quality fireplaces, just contact your local gas fireplace Denver contractors and ask to see if any of them can help you get a fireplace from one of these suppliers.

Exterior Painting Tips that Make the Process Easy and the Results Spectacular

Adding a new hue to your building exterior is an excellent way to refresh the looks of your home and to enhance its curb appeal – try these exterior painting tips and you will surely be happy with the results.

Choosing the Type of the Paint

According to house painting Denver experts, the first thing you will need to do before you start painting is to choose paint of the right type and color and to calculate the exact quantity that you will need. You will have to make decisions regarding the following aspects:

  • Type – the two most common types of exterior paint are oil-based and latex (water-based) paint. Oil paint dries faster and it is the only solution for painting surfaces that have been previously painted with oil-based paint, while latex paint is the best choice for areas that get wide temperature variations.
  • Finish – glossy paint is the most resistant, but it reveals imperfections, satin paint works best for siding panels that are in good condition, while flat paint has excellent concealing qualities, which makes it the best choice for siding that is dented or scratched.

Don’t forget the primer either – you will need it to allow the paint to adhere to the surface and it is absolutely essential if you will be painting on a surface already painted in a dark or bright color.

Picking the Right Color

choosing a paint color for house exterior

To make the most of your painting project, try to choose a color that integrates with the color of the unmovable elements in your immediate surroundings, such as the stairs, the pathway or the driveway. Pick a color that suits the architectural style of your building as well – classic buildings look better in toned-down colors, while a bold exterior design calls for bold colors.

The Tools that You Need

You will need some drop cloths to protect the ground and the vegetation in the area in which you paint, some foil to protect doors and windows, a stable ladder, devices to clean the walls and tools to apply the paint. For wall cleaning, you can use a pressure washer, but you will certainly find some residues that stick to the walls after the washing, so you will need some sand paper, a paint scraper and a spackle knife to remove the residues completely. To apply the paint, you will need a paint sprayer or a paint roller, depending on how you want to apply the color and a few brushes for the areas that cannot be reached with a larger device. If the wall has imperfections, such as cracks or dents, you will need some exterior caulk and a caulking gun to smoothen the surface.

The Painting Process

To make sure the paint sticks to your walls evenly, you need to clean the walls, then you need to make them smooth. Use the pressure washer and the scraper to remove any residue of the old paint. Wait until the wall dries, then inspect it for any dents or cracks, correct them with caulk and even them out with sand paper. When the wall is flat, clean and dry, you can apply the primer and then the paint.

Use these exterior painting tips and you will see that painting is not only a great way to make your home turn heads, but also great fun.

5 Tips To Choose The Ideal Remodelling Contractor


Remodelling your house is not a simple task, and we know that it is important that you do it the right way. In the event that you have decided to remodel your house, it is going to be a tedious task, and there are certain things that you will have to keep in mind. The first of all would be to find an ideal remodelling contractor. If you mess up here, you are doing it at the cost of a lot of money. So here are some of the ways in which you pick an ideal contractor.

Research thoroughly:

The first thing that you will have to be doing is a thorough research to find the ideal contractor for your house. This way you are will land up with the very first person you find. These days a lot of remodelling contractors are available, and you can always have multiple options to pick the best and leave the rest.

See the services provided by the contractor:

The contractor shall always have a list of services that he will provide for the cost that you are expecting. Take a look at the services that he is providing and make sure that he is covering your requirement. If not, you will have to look for a different person. Never convince yourself and go in for a compromise. You are paying for the services that you are receiving, and you deserve to get the best.


Look at his past:

You can always spend your time in looking at the past work of the contractor as you can extract the quality of work that he has done in the past and the reviews that the clients have given and what people feel about the services of the contractor. You will also get an idea of what you will get for the cost that you are paying. Never skip the reviews part of the list as that is the best thing to judge and rank the quality of your contractor.

Look for references:

This is a continuation of the past and is quite a detailed analysis of the same. In most of the cases, the person you are choosing will be someone who belongs to the same locality as yours. So you can always ask for references from people who are interested in remodelling and are well aware of the market. If these people point out the same person you have chosen, then you have made an ideal choice.

Look for the cost:

Good quality comes with a cost, but at the same time, it is also important to note that you need not have to be charged obnoxiously just to match the big brand name that the contractor’s banner has. So make sure that you are paying exactly for what you are enjoying. If the contractor doesn’t fit into your budget, it is better that you skip to a different contractor. Do not burn a hole in your pocket.

Top 5 Affordable Home Improvement Projects


A home makeover is always something that we look forward to, and that is why we are always ready with a bunch of ideas that help you to improve the look of your house. Home is where the heart is, and you always want it to look beautiful. At the same time, we will always have to keep an eye on the cost. So, here we are listing some of the best improvement ideas that can make your house look better than before.

All you need is a bunch of wallpapers:

Empty walls can look sad. In that case, if you are trying to improve the look of your house all you will need is a few wallpapers and you are good to go. Wallpapers are one of the easy to go decors, and you can instantly turn around the look of your house. Just make sure that it goes with the look of the house and that it matches your taste. Go around sticking them as you please. That is easier than you thought!

Bathroom Makeover:

Bathroom and kitchen are two important places that require makeover quite often as we tend to overuse them and those the places that are spoilt a lot. Though you might have to spend a few bucks on the kitchen stuff, a bathroom makeover isn’t anything like that. All you need to focus on is the basin, and an antique mirror and that will serve as a great replacement.


Make the lights look creative:

The lighting of the house adds a different beauty to it. That is why we are asking you to incorporate creativity when you try to improvise the look of the house. Add shades that people do not often prefer to pick. This way you are making a different move but make sure that it goes with the look of your house. Add shape-shifting lights. They are always easy to use. We would suggest halogen tracking lights.

Add creativity to painting:

This is always one of the best and the affordable methods of improving the look of your house. In case you have decided to paint the house, then, in that case, you can use the opportunity to make the house look creative. Go for bright colours and make sure that it gets well with the look of the house. If you can incorporate creativity here, you might not have to spend on wallpapers.

Make your garden look rich:

Make your garden looks rich and presentable because that is where the house and garden will make the first impression. So add a canopy, stone seat and beautiful flower pots apart from the mundane plantation. This way you are making the look of the house better.

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