How to Know When to Call a Professional to Fix Your Water Heater

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Depending on the type of water heater you own and the complexity of the system, you might have to call in an expert even for some of the more seemingly trivial issues that might come up. When your heater stops working, the electronic indicator can only give you a limited amount of information on what’s wrong, and troubleshooting isn’t always advised when you’re dealing with possible gas leaks or heightened water pressure.

This is why your best choice is to call in an expert to help you out. The question is, when should you consider doing that? And which issues are simple enough to handle through the most basic troubleshooting tasks?

Types of Damage and Their Consequences

If your water heater stops working, that’s an obvious sign that you have to bring in an expert to have it checked and fixed (if possible). However, there are many other situations when the problem doesn’t look too bad, but it can have a lot of bad consequences that would require you to call your local Westminster plumber right away:

  • Some leaks seem innocent enough at first glance, and many homeowners might simply ignore them or try to “fix” the problem by collecting the water in a container. However, hidden leaks can also be present, and the potential water damage can cause some serious problems if neglected for a long time – including mold, carpet damage, low water pressure and more.
  • An older water heater might have to be inspected and repaired more frequently even if it doesn’t show any immediate signs of wear or damage. If your water heater suddenly bursts, it can cause a lot of water damage to your house aside from just being a significant annoyance.
  • High water pressure can also end up damaging your water heater to the point that it has to be completely replaced. Moreover, further consequences can be not only damaging to your home, but also a health hazard. In this case you have to try to keep the water pressure under 80 psi and you might have to consider calling an expert to replace your T&P relief valve.

Can You Fix It on Your Own?

A lot of times, seemingly innocent problems can turn out to be difficult or even downright dangerous to deal with. For example, it could be possible that a decrease in the temperature of your water could be caused by a faulty gas pipe. If not enough gas makes it to where it should go, then it might mean that it’s leaking out elsewhere, which can be a very dangerous situation that will require  the presence of an expert.

Loose wiring and short circuits near water is also not a good mix – especially if there’s a leak. If you hear strange noises coming from the electronics of the water heater and/or you notice moisture or leaking, avoid touching the unit at all costs and call in a professional to deal with it instead.

Such issues aren’t very common, but you really don’t want to risk it. Even some of the most simple concerns that won’t necessarily render your water heater unusable can be very dangerous, so your best choice is to stay informed regarding what other problems can come up and call in the pros whenever you don’t know what to do or what the real issue might be.