How Will I Know If My Roof Installation Has Been Done Properly?

Roofing is a tough job, but when you hire the right roofing professionals for it, then it’ll usually come out right. However, you don’t always know if the job was performed properly or not, and there is always a certain level of suspicion when the roofer you hire barely has any experience.

So how do you know if your roof installation was performed well? Even if the roof suffers damage after just a couple of months it can be hard to tell if the damage was just caused by a powerful storm that would have broken any roof, or if it resulted from poor workmanship.

Consult Your Neighbors

Some of the best people to talk to about long term roofing issues in your area are your neighbors. This is especially true if you just moved to town and you don’t know a lot about how local contractors work and what their actual offers might entail. You’ll find that some of your neighbors will be more than happy to talk to you about the time they’ve had their roof set up, especially if it’s still in good working condition after 20+ years. They are the ones you need to talk to, and if their roofers are still around, you’ll definitely want their services.

Most importantly, however, you’ll be able to get information about how their roof has held up after the last few storms. Have they suffered the same problems that you have? Did you have to repair your roof right away after the last thunderstorm while your neighbor – although having the same type of roof – didn’t experience any issues? If so, then you might want to get a roof inspection to see if your roof was actually installed properly.

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Get a Roof Inspection

A roof inspection is the ultimate way you can find out if there were any problems during your roof’s initial installation process. By hiring a seasoned Tyler TX roofer to inspect any damage, you’ll not only be able to spot hidden issues that have to be fixed right away, but also find out if they were caused by the roof’s installation. Simply calling your friendly local roofing company to take a closer look at your roof can save you thousands of dollars, as in many cases the problem can be fixed without replacing the entire roof. However, failing to take action swiftly could lead to severe damage over time, which will essentially force you to take drastic measures and re-roof your home.

Always Aim for Superior Labor Warranty

Although this is more of a preventive measure that will help you more before the start of your roofing project, it’s essential that you always aim for better labor warranty offers on your new roof. Some roofing contractors will try to downplay the importance of labor warranty and focus on the material which in some cases will be guaranteed to last for 50 years or more (especially in the case of high quality metal and slate).

However, the labor is equally as essential, since no roof will last too long if it’s not installed properly. Before you accept the bid of any roofer, make sure you compare it with other contractors in your area and contact the community to gain more insight into whether or not the offer you got is good enough.