The Latest Bathroom Remodeling Trends – Tips for a Bathroom that Is Truly Yours

Wonderful Bathroom Designs

Whether you are currently in the process of remodeling your existing bathroom or you are building a new one, the latest bathroom design trends are something that you should be familiar with. The bathroom is the very personal sanctuary that we start our day in, where we relax with a hot bath or a soothing shower, so its appearance and functionality are essential for giving us the comfort that we need in our home. If you are looking for inspiration to create the perfect bathroom, here are some of the most popular bathroom remodeling trends that you should know about.

Using One Material Throughout the Entire Bathroom

Using one color and one pattern to give the bathroom character is a trend that has persisted in popularity ever since the 1980’s. Try to choose a pattern and a hue that are not too harsh – using marbled tiles that feature elegant, thin lines against a white background is an elegant example of how to do it right.

Tiles with Different Patterns that Go Well Together

Matching a few unique, handmade tiles on the wall to industrial-looking floor tiles that feature some colors of the wall is just one example of another popular bathroom design trend: that of using shapes, patterns and colors that match, rather than a homogenous design. You can choose to combine different textures as well – the results will surely be a strikingly stylish and classy.  Take a trip to one of the bathroom showrooms Denver has and find ideas that you would like to implement.

Using Wood

One of the trendiest bathroom design solutions today is using natural wood throughout the bathroom – wood-covered bathrooms have a unique, welcoming and calming feel, with warm colors and the great visual appeal that only natural materials can offer. It may not sound like a good idea at first – after all, wood is a natural material that is sensitive to moisture and water and the bathroom is the wettest room in any home –, but the wood used for bathroom floors, walls and furniture are treated with special methods that make the planks resistant to the impact of water and steam.

Using Advanced Technology

Smart controls used for operating the fixtures in the bathroom, including the lights, the tub or the shower, underfloor heating, smart dimming lights, shower cabins fitted with a wireless audio system are certainly among the costlier bathroom renovation solutions, but with this hi-tech trend, you will add value to your entire home and will also enhance its functionality as well.

Fixture Trends

The appearance and the functionality of the fixtures used in the bathroom is also essential. Fixtures made from bras or featuring a vintage gold color are coming back into fashion and colorful fixtures, such as red, green or blue taps are also very popular these days. Choose colored fixtures if you are ready to make a powerful statement and if the solution is suitable for the overall design of your bathroom – a red tap in a bathroom that otherwise features a classic style will create a striking and not very harmonious room and that is to be avoided for sure.