Turn Your Basement into Your Favorite Room in Your Home

basement remodeling Centennial

Basement refinishing is not only a great way to increase your home’s footprint without engaging into a construction project above the ground and without taking space away from your yard or your garden – it is also a great way to transform a little used space into your very favorite space in the entire house. Here are some ideas.

Sleeping Space with a Walk-in Closet

Many people would reject the idea of sleeping under ground level, but just think of the benefits:

  • Basements have small windows or no window at all, which can give you the privacy that you need in the form of a large and comfortable bedroom, with a spacious wardrobe for all your clothes and personal items close. Adding a shower or even a complete bathroom will require some more extensive plumbing work, but the results will surely be great;
  • Moving your sleeping space from upstairs will extend the space available above ground level, giving you the opportunity to improve the comfort of the entire home.

A Spacious and Comfortable Home Office

If you are a freelancer who can work from home or you have a job that allows you to work from home, transforming your basement into a comfortable office that has everything you need for efficient work is a great idea. Your home office will surely boost your creativity and your productivity, allowing you to work more passionately and to be more successful than you have ever imagined.

A Movie Theater

If you are passionate about movies, you would surely be happy to have a space where you can binge-watch whatever feature or documentary you feel like. Your basement is just perfect for installing the widest, flattest screen that you can afford, for getting a sound system that delivers astonishingly crispy sound.

If you love music and gaming, too, you can transform your basement into a multimedia room and invite your entire family to enjoy the games and music together.

A Man Cave

Basements are also great for having a room to enjoy manly hobbies, to have some peace and quiet or to invite some friends without disturbing the rest of the family. Start the project by making a list with the features and pieces of equipment that you need and want to have in your room and try to figure out the best layout, too – you will surely enjoy every minute of the process, right from the beginning.

A Flex Room

Flex rooms are spaces that can be used for multiple purposes. They might include a small space to be used as a living room, another small space that doubles as home office or even a small kitchen – in other words, a flex room can have separate spaces that expand the rooms above ground level, adding a little more function to each of them. Be prepared that your entire household will join you in your well-designed flex room in the basement, so don’t count on having too much peace and quiet down there.

If you are unsure what to do with your basement, talk to basement remodeling Centennial designers to get some amazing ideas to add day to day valuable space to your home, while increasing your home resale value as well!