What Are the Most Popular Types of Heating Systems Available Today?

If you’re in the market to buy a new heating system, and you don’t really know where to start, it’s a good idea to first look at some of the most common types of HVAC systems and what they have to offer. While the costs can be somewhat high to install and maintain some of these systems, many are quite resilient and capable of lasting for up to 20 years or more. Also, depending on the type of HVAC you want to buy, you might get such benefits as reduced fuel costs, no ductwork and greater than average performance in colder climates.

A Look at the Most Commonly Known HVAC Systems

HVAC systems come in all shapes and sizes, and while some are great for smaller homes that don’t require much heating even in the winter, others are exceptionally well-fitted for larger homes and commercial spaces that require constant heating as well as good air conditioning, depending on the season.furnace services Denver

According to furnace services Denver companies, here are a few of the best options you might want to think of:

  • An electric furnace and AC might be one of the cheapest systems you can think of installing. The installation is straightforward, and you get clean, radiant heat with just a press of a button. The problem is that you can expect a hefty electric bill, as even a smaller electric system requires upwards of 5-10 kWh to operate properly during the winter.
  • A split AC and furnace is probably the most balanced HVAC you can go for. These systems feature a central furnace typically burning fossil fuel, and allow you to use a central AC for heating in the summer. Both the installation cost and operation costs are pretty much reasonable, but the only downside is that the system is not sustainable, and the ducts can pump allergens and dust into your home, just like any system based on hot air.
  • Boilers are great for comfort. In fact, if you have children and pets, you’ll find that a good boiler system can be of exceptional value as it warms your floors while also providing domestic hot water. The higher than average cost is the main downside, however, and these systems also heat up slower than one that uses common ductwork to channel warm air.
  • Standard and mini-split heat pumps can last for up to 20 years or so, and their operations cost are among the lowest you will ever find – aside from maybe geothermal. Although they can be difficult to install, heat pumps can be great if you live in an area where winters are mild and summers get pretty hot.

Advanced HVAC Systems: Geothermal Heating

If you’re interested in the latest heating technology, geothermal energy is something you might want to look into. Geothermal heating systems are still rather new and expensive, but the yearly cost to keep them going can be as low as $400, which is pretty impressive when compared to other HVAC systems.

Since it basically just uses a heat pump to bring heat from inside the Earth to the surface, a geothermal hating system is typically 100% clean. However, the efficiency and ease of installation of these systems will depend a lot on where you live and how far the technicians would need to dig in order to install the system in the first place.